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Jeremy Scott's Debut Moschino Collection Is Already Everywhere, Including a Magazine Cover

Oh, and did we mention it's already available to shop?
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We thought it would be a few months before we saw Jeremy Scott's already recognizable McDonald's- and Spongebob-inspired Moschino wares on the covers of magazines and the backs of celebrities, but this has not been the case.

So far, Anna Dello Russo and Rita Ora (one of the show's front row celebrity guests) have stepped out in Scott's statement-making (and divisive) dresses. But celebrity dressing is not the only place Moschino has pushed fast-forward on the collection.

Today we've learned it's already gotten its first glossy cover, for Hong Kong-based Ketchup, modeled by Ora, who Instagram'd the cover Monday (as did Moschino). Speaking of, we can't help but wonder if she'll become a face for the brand in a more official capacity.

At first thought, it doesn't really make sense -- how could a collection that debuted on the runway Thursday already be on the cover of a magazine? For one, the magazine has today's date on it, so perhaps new issues come out weekly or even more frequently. Second, it's entirely possible Moschino gave the mag early access to the collection. (This also might be our eyes playing tricks on us -- but it sort of looks like the purse and dress have been Photoshopped onto Ora). At the same time, magazines are usually hesitant to shoot pieces that aren't available to purchase.

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But that isn't the case here. In another apparent attempt to perpetuate the immediate ubiquity of the collection, the brand has made a capsule collection available to buy online -- now. The giant T-shirt dress and quilted leather bag Rita Ora "wears" on the cover are already there, as are the sweater dress Anna Dello Russo wore and the french fries-shaped iPhone case she used to take a selfie with Ora and Scott on the day of the show.

This also means we get a sneak peek at Moschino's pricing structure, now that Scott has taken over. The prices are either surprisingly reasonable or absurdly high, depending on your perspective. The above shirtdress, which looks like an oversized cotton T-shirt, costs $350. The sweater dress is $935, and the quilted leather bag $1,265. Scott's namesake New York-based line is priced similarly -- in the $300 to $700 range for most items. But the bulk of these capsule offerings are less expensive than the $1,000 (and over) Moschino dresses that Net-a-Porter is selling now. Though we're sure those candy wrapper gowns and Budweiser capes from the runway will come with higher price tags this fall.