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Join the Rag & Bone Bowling League for Fall 2014

Personalized touches and Big Lebowski-esque cozy sweaters made for another hit collection from Rag & Bone.

The audience at Rag & Bone's Fall 2014 show knew it was in for some cozy, old-fashioned fun as soon as they entered the venue: The wafting smell of donuts -- Chelsea-based Doughnuttery was frying them up on the spot -- and warm apple cider filled the space, creating an atmosphere that felt more like a night in with friends than a fashion show. For the most part, the collection echoed that sentiment.

For fall, designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright showed a very wide range of wearable pieces, which included everything from their smart blazers and overcoats to the coziest wool embroidered knits -- my favorite of which (the Cowichan hand knit sweater on Constance Jablonski, seen above) recalled The Dude's famous sweater in The Big Lebowski.

The other standout items were those that seemed to be a nod to the working class: Grease-stained skirts and pants, rucksacks, buffalo check wool coats, bowling shirts (another piece that The Dude would likely love) and mechanic's jumpsuits embroidered with the models' names. We're waiting to hear back about whether or not Rag & Bone shoppers will be able to customize their own jackets and shirts come fall, but if they can, the personalized pieces will likely be among the collection's best sellers.

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All around, the vibe was retro and laid-back, and as usual, incredibly cool. Season after season, it's the Rag & Bone girl you'd want to go bowling and grab a beer with, after all.

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