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Kate Upton In Space, Kendall Jenner Sets Vogue Rumors Swirling, Blogging on the D-List

All of the week's top fashion news. Warning: Lots of Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian.
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Gravity: Sports Illustrated has really outdone itself this time. We'll just say this: Kate Upton's boobs in zero gravity.

Life on the D-List: We all know what Fashion Week looks like for major style bloggers. But when you're an unknown struggling to sneak into shows? It's a whole different story.

Take It to the Streets: Not all runway makeup is over the top. These were the best looks at New York Fashion Week that you can rock any day of the week.

House of Style: For those who have already binge-watched the entire second season of "House of Cards": notice anything different about the costuming?

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Sun Dresses and Swim Shoes: Things may have fallen apart when the girls of "Girls" took a weekend trip to a beach house, but at least their clothes remained in tact.

Winning Streak: After her big Marc Jacobs debut, Kendall Jenner hopped across the pond to put in an appearance at London Fashion Week.

New BFFS?: In more Kendall Jenner news, she sat next to Anna Wintour in the front row at Topshop, which got some tongues wagging about the possibility of some face time in the pages of Vogue.

Sibling Rivalry: Speaking of, some Brits are so riled up about Jenner's Fashion Week debut that they're placing real money on whether she or her big sister Kim will nab a Vogue cover first.

Baby by Kardashian: With all the Kardashian (or Kardashian-West) infants running around, it was only a matter of time till the family came out with line of baby clothing.