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Kendall Jenner Sits Front Row Next to Anna Wintour at Topshop Unique

Ooh, are Kim and Kanye jealous?

It looks like Kendall Jenner is having quite the Fashion Month. First she stole the show at Marc Jacobs, walking in a totally sheer top, and then went on to not only take over Love Magazine's Instagram, but also starred in an Instagram photo shoot for Vogue, which featured her in looks from the fall 2014 New York collections.

And on Sunday, well, she got some face time with Anna Wintour herself, sitting next to the editor in the front row at Topshop Unique's fall 2014 presentation during London Fashion Week -- and only a few seats down from Kate Moss (who, we have to speculate, might be wearing something from her forthcoming collection for the retailer) and fellow up-and-coming model/half-sister of a famous person, Lottie Moss.

Our first thoughts: One must never write "aspiring" before the word "model" from this point on when describing Jenner, who's repped by Society Management -- she's clearly a bona fide fashion industry insider at this point. Also, half-sister Kim Kardashian and her beau Kanye West must be so freaking jealous, as it appears there's been a whole campaign from their camp to land Kimmie a Vogue cover.

While it's unlikely Jenner will beat her to it, she's clearly garnering a lot of interest from the fashion bible, and quickly becoming the one in the family to watch.

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