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So, Did Kristen Wiig Nail Harry Styles' Look on 'The Tonight Show'? We Investigate

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Pretty much everyone has shown up for Jimmy Fallon's debut as the host of the "The Tonight Show," including, as he would have had you believe last night, One Direction member Harry Styles.

I wasn't fooled because I know that Harry is in London for the Brit Awards tonight, duh. Instead, it was Fallon's former "SNL" pal Kristen Wiig, who pretty much nailed the pop star's iconic, award-winning style, from the V-neck T-shirt down to the black Chelsea boots.

But she also got a few things wrong (besides the lyrics to "What Makes You Beautiful" come on Kristen how do you not know that song?!). For one, she's missing a massive amount of sometimes-questionable tattoos -- namely, a pair of sparrows whose beaks and wings often peek out of the collars of those low-necked shirts he so often wears (~dreamy sigh~).

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Second, while he does often wear a cross necklace, he's also got a Star of David on it, and he definitely doesn't wear three at a time because that's tacky, Kristen. She should also swap those leather wrap bracelets -- so 2012! -- for a (reportedly very expensive) wristwatch.

The cut of her outfit even echoes the sleek lines of the Saint Laurent clothing that Styles favors -- but she gets points taken away for not actually wearing Saint Laurent (something we confirmed with the brand).

And while she's probably right that Harry's hair is done with two blow dryers (for best wind-blown effect), she forgot to mention the flocks of adorable woodland creatures that help him get ready every morning.

Watch Wiig do her best Styles impersonation (and I'm getting a new hobby Mom, I promise):