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Lily Allen's Neon Ponytail and More Style Highlights from the Brit Awards

...or lowlights. You be the judge.

The 2014 Grammys here in the States were pretty wild (Pharrell's hat! A sexy surprise Jay Z and Beyoncé performance! Daft Punk!) so it's fitting that the British version of the music awards was just as big of a spectacle.

On Wednesday night, the world's biggest pop stars (plus, Kate Moss!) flocked to the 02 Arena in London for an evening filled with music and fashion, although the latter was a bit on the wacky side. This show had it all: Boy bands in bandanas, Tooth Fairy-inspired gowns and some really good Saint Laurent, just to pick a few of our favorites. Read on for the must-discuss style moments of the Brit Awards.

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