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Blake Lively: 'When You Look at a Michael Kors Woman, She's Fully Realized -- It Seems Timeless'

For fall, Kors showed a rich collection that was worthy of his A-list front row.
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That Michael Kors is so likable and approachable is unquestionably one of the cornerstones of his massive success.

So it's hardly surprising that even the celebrities who attend his shows come because they genuinely love him. "I am both a fan and a friend," Blake Lively said of Kors after his fall presentation. "I started as a fan, and I became a friend, but I will be a fan always."

Indeed, the celebrity-packed front row at Kors was one of the friendliest we've seen: Lively, Freida Pinto, Rose Byrne and Michael Douglas all sat together, and rather than the stilted-looking small talk we've seen at other shows, they all seemed to actually know and like each other. Lively and Pinto giggled over stories while Byrne gamely discussed looks with Douglas.

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Kors has a knack for making women look good, and this front row was no exception. "He has such iconic shapes, and when you look at a Michael Kors woman, she's fully realized," Lively explained. "There's nothing trite or young about her, she's got her fingers on the pulse of fashion, but it doesn't seem trendy, it seems timeless."

That was truer than ever for fall 2014. Aided by the presence of strong, sexy supermodels like Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson on the catwalk, Kors' autumn outing was nothing if not mature -- in the best way possible. As a fitting instrumental version of The Mamas and the Papas' "California Dreamin'" played ("All the leaves are brown/And the sky is gray," the song begins), models walked the runway in shades of fawn browns and slate grays. It was the type of collection a wealthy, all-American woman -- Kors' core customer -- would wear to vacation in Northern California during a rainy, cold winter.

It would be easy to imagine a socialite, her summer tan fading, taking to the fog-covered streets of San Francisco in the layers Kors presented: floating chiffons under whisper thin cashmeres, thick cable knits bundled under lush fur. Juxtaposed against the backdrop of a freezing New York City morning, these substantial layers looked perfectly cozy and inviting.

Fringed bags and skirts, grommet embellishments and the occasional sparkle rounded out the overall very rich -- and yes, timeless -- looking collection.

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