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Miranda Kerr Is Making Her Singing Debut With an Elvis Cover

And now for something completely different: The Australian supe is remaking the Elvis Presley song, "You're the Boss."
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Having founded an organic skincare line, Miranda Kerr has been building a career beyond modeling for some time. Now it seems the Australian supe is mixing things up again... in the form of a cover of Elvis Presley's "You're the Boss" with singer/dancer Bobby Fox, due out on iTunes in late March. Because YOLO.

As a spokesperson for Fox told the Daily Mail: "She didn't take herself too seriously - she just got into character and had a ball recording it."

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Although Kerr tweeted that she's not usually a public singer, let's not forget that one time she sung on camera for a Lipton tea commercial in Japan. For those not familiar with Bobby Fox, the Irish singer has been making a name for himself in the Australian musical theater world since 2002 and also happens to be a four-time world Irish dance champion.

Fox Instagrammed a photo of the two looking especially classy on Sunday night. Please take a moment to appreciate how good they look together.

Given how mutually photogenic Kerr and Fox are — not to mention how killer Fox's dance moves are — is it too much to hope for a music video? We're keeping our fingers crossed.