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Mulberry and Cara Delevingne Are Planning a Surprise for London Fashion Week

The fashion house has replaced its runway show with something more secretive.
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Mulberry may not be doing a fashion show in London this week, but as WWD reports, it does have something in store for its shoppers. The identity of that "something" is unclear right now: All we know is that it involves a photo call with Cara Delevingne at 1:30 p.m. GMT this Sunday.

Given the decidedly teasing nature of this announcement, it seems that Mulberry is doing its utmost to generate buzz right off the bat in 2014. Last year was not the kindest to the company, with sales of its once-popular handbags flagging, Mulberry failed to meet its profit projections in 2013. Meanwhile, the fashion house has yet to find a replacement for creative director Emma Hill, who departed in June after reported disagreements with the company.

We reached out to Mulberry's people to see if they would drop any hints about the nature of Sunday’s event, and, unsurprisingly, the company isn't giving anything away.

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