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Naomi Campbell Says She's Not a Bully, Tyra Banks Thanks Sports Illustrated, The 'Beyoncé Diet' Works

A contestant on Campbell's TV show, "The Face," is claiming psychological damage.

Naomi Campbell denies that she bullied a contestant on "The Face" to the point of psychological damage. We haven't forgotten about the phone throwing incident, Naomi. {Vogue UK}

The top YouTube beauty vloggers have 115 times more subscribers and generate 2,600 percent more comments than big beauty brand channels. Michelle Phan: 1, Chanel: 0. {Fashionista Inbox}

Diane von Furstenberg is the latest designer to sign a lease in the fancy pants new mall opening in lower Manhattan, joining the likes of Hermès and Burberry. {WWD}

Jessica Springsteen, daughter of Bruce, joins Charlotte Casiraghi as one of Gucci's Riding Ambassadors. {WWD}

Zoe Kazan explains the "weird high" of thrift shopping. {Nylon}

There's nothing we like better than discovering baby photos of our favorite models. Of course, these stunners were always good at throwing angles. {She Finds}

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How effective is dieting like Beyoncé? Pretty damn effective, it turns out. {The Cut}

In case you were wondering if knit beanies with cat ears were still a thing, Beyonce was spied rocking Minnie Mouse-style pom pom ears at a Nets game. {Us Weekly}

Revlon's chief marketing officer, Julia Goldin, has departed the company, following news that the beauty company would be exiting the Chinese market. {WWD}

Tyra Banks thanks Sports Illustrated for giving girls a dream to aspire to, regardless of the color of their skin. {Jezebel}

The first look at The Face of an Angel, the Amanda Knox-inspired film starring Cara Delevingne, is out. Pretty good, but more Cara scenes, please. {YouTube}

A designer at Mattel is saying that Barbie's impossible proportions were "never designed to be realistic." Not sure if generations of young girls got that memo. {Huffington Post}