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Not Just for Cara Delevingne: Get Your Own Monogrammed Burberry Blanket Now

Though it'll cost you $1,395 -- did we mention that?

The highlight of Burberry's show on Monday had to be the blanket shawls. For the finale walk, models came marching down the runway in personalized color-blocked throws, and everyone watching at home collectively said, "I want that."

Cara Delevingne looked especially cool in her "CJD" monogrammed wrap (her middle name being Jocelyn). While the piece on its own is tempting, with its rich, autumnal palette, it was the initials that really gave it oomph -- the feeling that you must have it and will wear it for ages, as it would be your one signature "rich lady" piece (the wealthy do love a monogram).

Luckily Burberry knows this, and, thanks to its "Runway Made to Order" service, you can buy yours now (in addition to other off-the-runway items) on the brand's website -- complete with personalization! The poncho will set you back $1,395, though, so maybe this conversation should end right here.

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