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Now That's One Inventive Way to Get a Better Runway Shot at Fashion Week

What is that?! What are you doing?! STAHP.
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Well, this truly takes the cake for a Fashion Week etiquette no-no.

Originally snapped by Hayley Bloomingdale of Moda Operandi, but Instagrammed by Danielle Prescod of (who, it should be noted, has done an excellent job at documenting tomfoolery such as this during Fashion Week), here is a woman in the third row of a show who has devised a plan to get better iPhone shots.

You're seeing things correctly -- this woman has hoisted her phone up into the air with some kind of claw.

I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard, and Stephanie says it's in the top three things she's seen so far this fashion month.

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Can someone please find this woman and ask her what, pray tell, was she was thinking? Were those crowd-free shots worth aggravating everyone behind her? What, exactly, is that claw? A repurposed fireplace poker? The latest in Apple-approved iPhone gear?

We're curious. Call us, third row lady friend.

In the meantime, we'll be adding "no phone cranes" to our guide on how not to be a dick during fashion month.