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One Direction's Blockbuster Fragrance Is Getting a Sequel*

*Much like I wish their blockbuster documentary This Is Us would.
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Last summer, One Direction released their very first perfume, Our Moment. It sold out almost instantly, earning long wait lists and blockbuster celebrity fragrance status. (I shockingly don't own a bottle.** A sample was never even sent to the Fashionista offices. What's the deal, guys?)

Not ones to rest on their cute laurels -- seriously, I'm beginning to wonder when these guys get to sleep -- the group is preparing to launch a souped-up version of Our Moment, called...That Moment.

(What, exactly, is That Moment? That moment I finally meet One Direction and they find out I'm like, the coolest person ever and they invite me to go out on tour with them? That moment I finally stop fawning over a boy band and start acting like an adult? Who's to say, really?)

The new fragrance will riff on the original, adding notes like green apple and violet, in what member Harry Styles calls "a swanky new bottle" in the announcement video below.

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That Moment will be limited edition so *squeals* race ya to Ulta!!!!!!!!!

Actually, all I really care about is getting a new ad for That Moment, because the one for Our Moment was pretty damn adorable. Oh, what's that you say? You didn't see it? Well, here:

*Much like I wish their blockbuster documentary This Is Us would. (**I also still don't have a copy of This Is Us. I'm slipping as superfan, I know.)