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Opening Ceremony's Fall Show Featured Cool-Girl Coats and 4,000 Pounds of Chocolate

We didn't get a Golden Ticket, but the show was still pretty awesome.

Each year, Opening Ceremony, whose brand DNA is partly based on global discovery and exploration, chooses a different country to celebrate and collaborate with on various projects. In 2014, OC is fêting Belgium, and this inspiration came through in the most delicious ways possible at the label's fall show.

Walking into the venue on Sunday night, guests were immediately handed a custom bar of Belgian chocolate -- two of which contained "Golden Tickets" that the lucky show goers could redeem for new Opening Ceremony-designed Intel smart bracelets -- and that wasn't where the sweet surprises ended. As the models walked the runway, 4,000 pounds of Callebaut chocolate was poured down the walls -- which were carved to look like the shape of a fingerprint -- that filled the space with an intoxicatingly yummy aroma. To further amp the Willy Wonka factor, editors (including myself) couldn't help but channel their inner Augustus Gloop and taste the melty goodness on the way out of the venue.

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Now, onto the clothes: As usual, Opening Ceremony has cornered the market on what the cool girls will be wearing come fall. Design duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon incorporated their Belgian inspiration into the collection in a subtle way: The hand and fingerprint motif that's seen throughout was inspired by a Belgian myth about a solider who cut off his hand after defeating a giant (the name Antwerp means "hand throwing"), the quilted texture seen in a number of pieces was loosely based on the shape of a Belgian waffle and the asymmetry and oversized silhouettes were a nod to the unique style and architecture of Antwerp.

The standout pieces were the coats, in a wide range of shapes and lengths. Some were classic -- long, tailored versions in wool -- while others looked more high-tech, with double zippers and a mix of materials. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the sweaters and jackets printed with hands -- we're betting that those will top a number if "It" girls' shopping lists next season.

Behold, the chocolate wall: