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Peter Pilotto for Target: How to Shop It Online

For the first time in Target collab history, the collection is available on not one, but two e-commerce sites.
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After much anticipation, Peter Pilotto for Target finally hits shelves Sunday. And know what's awesome? You definitely don't have to go to an actual Target to buy it. The collection will be available through not one but two online channels: and, because it's fancy, Meaning there's an alternative if you're now too scared to give Target your credit card information (Just kidding. Kind of.).

But it's not as simple as it sounds. Target has some quantity rules and the two e-tailers won't have exactly the same stuff. Read on for some tips to make your online shopping spree Sunday morning an informed one.

Get up early. Or stay up late. They wouldn't tell us what time the collection will go live on either site, presumably to prevent a surge in traffic at that time. All we know is it will be "in the early morning hours." Also, remember Net-a-Porter is technically based in London, and ships worldwide, so that could affect the time it becomes available.

There are only so many extras you'll be allowed to buy, via Target at least. Planning on buying 10 of everything to sell on eBay give to your friends? Target is one step ahead of you. Guests are limited to five of the same style. However Net-a-Porter does not seem to have these restrictions, so go crazy.

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Target and Net-a-Porter don't have the same inventory. Target will be selling the full collection, while Net-a-Porter will only have a curated assortment. Check out our gallery to see which pieces are exclusive to Target and which are not.

Target will really try not to crash this time. " has worked hard to ensure we accommodate additional guests visiting the site to purchase the collection," says a rep for the company. Phew!

It's not really a big deal to Target if the collection sells out right away because these collaborations aren't really about selling clothes. "Our focus for design collaborations is not, nor has it ever been, sales. Our collaborations reinforce the importance of style and design to Target’s brand ethos," the company said in a statement. "In terms of sales, regardless of their performance, given their limited size and availability, the impact our collaborations have on Target’s bottom line is not significant."