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Peter Pilotto for Target's Launch Was Surprisingly Low-Key

Peter Pilotto for Target's big launch Sunday morning was uncharacteristically calm.
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Peter Pilotto for Target's big launch Sunday morning was uncharacteristically calm. There was zero talk of websites crashing, data breaches, or hoards of aggressive shoppers.

Racked reported there being a "tiny, mighty crowd" at Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal location, and later reported on online inventory a few hours after the collection went live: Almost everything was still available in a majority of sizes on Target's site, though most of the dresses had sold out on Net-a-Porter.

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But just over 24 hours after the launch, the collection's success is more apparent: People simply didn't go crazy for it the way they have over past collabs. Even now, Target still has a substantial selection of dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, swimsuits and accessories, all seemingly available in most sizes. (Net-a-Porter, where the collection was available internationally, is sold out of all but seven items -- each of which is only available in one or two sizes.)

We imagine this less-than-overwhelming reaction from shoppers is due to Pilotto's lack of brand awareness in the U.S. People are less familiar with Pilotto than they are with, say, Phillip Lim -- and even his collection didn't sell out quickly. However, the collection's success on Net-a-Porter seems to reflect a greater appreciation of his work overseas, but also of the fact that the luxury e-commerce site probably had a smaller inventory.

Nonetheless, there seemed to be a couple of specific pieces that were big hits -- most notably the strapless dress and the romper -- and those pieces are, of course, on eBay (which also, unlike Target, ships internationally), going for about twice the original price, which is pretty reasonable compared to the markups past designer collaborations have gotten. And as with Phillip Lim before, eBay is promoting its Peter Pilotto for Target inventory on Twitter:

Clearly, eBay will never not be a part of these collaborations.