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Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Covers Cosmo Australia -- in a Crop Top

The Aussie model just became the Mayor of Babe City.

Just last Friday, the Fashionista office was embroiled in the Great Crop Top Debate: Who can get away with wearing crop tops and where are they appropriate?

I personally made the argument that women over a certain size just couldn't make crop tops work -- and then, along came this Cosmo Australia cover (via Fashion Gone Rogue) featuring plus-sized model Robyn Lawley, forcing me to eat crow.

Let's get real: She looks pretty damn sexy.

Now, a crop top on the cover of Cosmo is hardly groundbreaking, but I have to applaud the glossy for sticking with it and putting Lawley in this outfit and not, say, elastic waisted jeans (or obscuring her body altogether). The best part -- in my opinion, anyway -- is that they left the roll (that occurs on most women naturally in that position!!) unretouched.

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It's a great way to punctuate the message that Lawley herself promotes. As the cover headline calls out, she's spent a lot of time fighting against the "thigh gap" obsession and "thinspo" blogs.

And, labeled plus size at an otherwise average size 12, Lawley has long rejected the concept. “This whole ‘plus-sized’ term has really had a negative effect on women,” Lawley told us last July. “It’s okay in the fashion world referring to us booking models, but in the regular world I shouldn’t be called a ‘plus-size’ at all.”

"I don’t feel plus-sized, I feel regular-sized," she continued, “and I think that plays with girls who look at me and look up to me and think, ‘Oh my god, if she’s plus-sized, then what am I?’”

This isn't the first time Lawley has appeared in Cosmo Australia. Just last November, the Aussie modeled her own line of swimwear for the mag (and, again, looked really sexy).

It's the kind of message more American magazines should be sending. And it's almost enough to make me consider a crop top this summer -- almost.