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Rebecca Minkoff's Latest Social Media Experiment: Video App Keek

Plus, find out who will be performing at the brand's runway show Friday.
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The always digitally savvy Rebecca Minkoff can be counted on for some sort of pioneering social media initiative around her New York Fashion Week show. Last season, for instance, she was the first fashion brand to partner with Snapchat, which she used to unveil looks from her spring 2014 collection before they actually hit the runway.

And this season, she's partnering with Keek, a social sharing platform for video. Beginning today (Monday), Minkoff will take her social media followers behind the scenes on her New York Fashion Week journey, uploading multiple videos per day leading up to her show on Friday, through which she'll share her thoughts and runway show preparations.

For Keek, used most visibly by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, it will be the platform's first time partnering with a fashion brand. And while Rebecca and Uri Minkoff (her brother and business partner) hadn't even heard of Keek until they started looking into fashion week partnerships, they knew they wanted to engage with their followers in a new way.

"We love pioneering things and exploring new ways to engage with our customers and I think one of the big philosophies of the brand is to be as engaged and as transparent as possible," said Uri Minkoff in a phone interview Monday. Based on feedback from their consumers, the Minkoffs knew that fashion week was something fans wanted to understand better, and they wanted to find a way to document that process in real time. So, they reached out to Keek.

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But couldn't they accomplish more or less the same thing using something like Instagram Video or Vine, both platforms on which they have a presence?

The Minkoffs chose Keek for a few reasons: It was a new community that they'd yet to join, meaning they'd get exposure to some new people. It also felt like a better fit for the type of content they'd be sharing. "I think every platform has its core strength," explained Uri. "As we discovered the Keek community and the videos they were wanting, the concept of 'taking me with you on my day," it seemed like it was a perfect fit for the platform." (Indeed, Keek user Kim Kardashian seems to use Keek as a way to share moments of her day-to-day life, because, you know, her life isn't documented well enough as it is.) He also didn't want to disrupt the voice the brand has established on Instagram and Vine by suddenly uploading completely new types of videos more frequently. "It worked better on a different platform," he said.

As the exclusivity of fashion week lessens with each season, it's become an important time for fashion brands to leverage social media as much as possible. Uri said that the brand generally sees "a big spike [in followers] and a tremendous amount of engagement," and is typically one of the "top six or seven brands in terms of overall engagement growth" during NYFW. This is due not only to their mastering of the social media space, but also the fact that their shows are fun and entertaining, thereby naturally encouraging conversation, Minkoff said. (It should be noted that the brand has also been accused of buying fake Twitter followers.)

Speaking of performances, Uri told us that this season the brand will host a live performance by English electronic music duo Alunageorge. So get ready to dance...and tweet...and maybe even Keek.

You can check out Minkoff's Keek page here, or follow her on Twitter or Facebook, where she'll be sharing the footage as well.