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Erykah Badu: Riccardo Tisci and I 'Are Completing Each Other's Sentences Artistically'

V Magazine got the scoop from the creative duo on the Givenchy spring ad campaign.

When the Givenchy spring ads starring Erykah Badu starting hitting the web, we were excited -- but somehow, not surprised. Nothing seems more natural than the pairing of Riccardo Tisci's dark, culture-clashing collection and the sultry, turban-wearing songstress.

That's because, as it turns out, Tisci designed the spring 2014 pieces specifically with Badu in mind. And in V Magazine's spring issue, the pair sit down to chat with each other about inspiration and how their partnership came to be.

Badu says there's "no big backstory" to how they met, but they both admit to being big fans of each other. "I wanted to represent the collection with style and elegance," Tisci says, "and I think she is perfect for that." (Tisci also adorably calls her the "queen of the '90s.")

So they set up the campaign shoot with photographers Mert and Mercus, whom Tisci calls "family." The photographer duo made Badu feel completely comfortable on her shoot, and Tisci let her take the reins on styling the looks.

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For the pair, who are now friends, it was all about artistic synergy. "There's no way I can express what I'm trying to say without the help of some visual artist completing my sentences," Badu says. "I think right now we're completing each other's sentences, artistically."

Check out the full piece in V Magazine.