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Rihanna Matched Her Lipstick to Her Outwear, So We Want to Match Our Lipstick to Our Outerwear

Why this had never occurred to us until now, we really can't be sure.
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When we talk about matching our makeup to the outfit we're wearing, usually it's in regard to a dress, maybe a statement handbag or shoes. But if you think about it, the clothing item most of the world sees us in -- in the colder months, anyway is -- ughghgh -- outerwear.

Why this had never occurred to us until now, we really can't be sure -- but we do know who to thank for our beauty routine-altering revelation: That would be the always experimental, eternally fabulous Rihanna, whose Instagram-documented 26th birthday party celebration in Aspen has been giving us unreal amounts of FOMO all freakin' week. (No hard feelings regarding our invitation, Ri -- we know how whack the USPS can be in times of inclement weather.)

All envy/sadness aside, we couldn't help but feel inspired by RiRi's perfectly paired lipstick-puffer-coat-and-trapper-hat situation, all in the exact same skin tone-flattering shade of fuchsia -- kind of puts an end to the whole "too much of a good thing" adage, doesn't it? According to Fashion Bomb Daily, her clothing is all by Moncler -- so naturally, it's on the pricey side. We'd die a little bit to see Rihanna walking into a MAC store with a bright pink $1,250 hat in tow....

Want to recreate Rihanna's purpley-pink lip look? Check out the array of options below.

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