Overalls Get a Sexy Makeover for Fall 2014

Start doing your tricep dips and bicep curls now, ladies.
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Overalls have slowly been creeping back into our wardrobes over the past year or so, thanks to a few good styling tricks -- think Breton stripes instead of Western gingham -- culled from street style regulars.

Now, they're popping up on the runways this season, but they look more man-eater than Man Repeller.

Frame Denim, which showed a casual white pair for spring, went dark and sultry this time around with a very tight-fitting black pair. At designer Adam Selman's sophomore presentation, he sent out a pair in a black-and-white cow print, wide-legged but snug and cropped at the top. And mixed in with the floaty, sparkly dresses at Jill Stuart was a low-cut and zippered number in black.

So start doing your tricep dips and bicep curls, ladies -- there's no room for anything but toned muscle under these.