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This Clever Swedish Ad Channels Our Greatest Hair Aspirations

Installed in a train station, this digital ad makes a delightful case for hair products.
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In fashion we come across a lot of ad campaigns every day, analyzing them as creative efforts on par with a magazine editorial. So it's always cool when one truly makes us smile.

Such was the case for this digital ad for a line of haircare products that was installed in a Swedish subway station. The screens, displaying a woman with ridiculously good hair, are hooked up with ultrasonic sensors that track when a train is about to reach the station. Upon its arrival, the woman's hair blows into her face in all its glossy, silky glory. Then she laughs and rakes it back.

While the subway wind tunnel is not necessarily our favorite thing in the world, this ad turns an everyday gust of wind into a charming hair moment. And is the windswept-but-pretty look not the holy grail of hair achievements? Selling the dream, folks. Selling the dream.

Check out the video below.

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