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The '80s Working Girl Gets a Revival at Holly Fulton Fall 2014

You could describe it as raining crystals on Wall Street.
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The vibe at Holly Fulton on Saturday morning could be described as raining crystals on Wall Street. Eighties music pumped through Somerset House, and models were decidedly businesslike (well, as businesslike as you can be in a sky blue palette and jangling earrings).

It was Fulton's version of a working girl -- so naturally that meant sky scraper prints formed from geometric shapes, and giant retro cell phones printed on trompe l'oeil pockets. Embellished handbags were shaped into miniature briefcases, and models wore optical glasses and slick, deep side parts.

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The workwear soon shifted into vaguely disco territory -- block heels segued into mosaic-like, embellished knee-high boots, and glittering knits were emblazoned with giant exclamation points. Dresses sailed past, printed with huge hands and adorned with Fulton's signature jewelry.

Sheer overlays floated over strapless dresses, already a strong trend on day two of London Fashion Week. The collection felt surprisingly summery for a fall show, but as we bounced out of the venue to "Follow Me" by Amanda Lear, it felt like a welcome relief on an otherwise dreary morning.