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The Athletes of Team USA Show Us Their Style: Winter Edition

The Olympics start this weekend, so it's time to start getting to know the athletes before they don their Ralph Lauren patchwork sweaters.

Confession: I am slightly more excited for the Winter Olympics than I am for fashion month. I'm kind of hoping someone (looking at you, Jeremy Scott!) puts a half pipe on the runway this season.

The Opening Ceremony in Sochi takes place on Friday, so it's time to start getting to know the athletes before they don their Ralph Lauren patchwork sweaters. And just like for the Summer Olympics, NBC has given us exclusive access to pictures of the athletes modeling clothes that represent their personal style, as well as some insight about their favorite designers and places to shop. Since the athletes will likely be bundled up on the ice/slopes/rinks, it's fun to see them in civilian wear.

Click through to see the latest crop of Olympians. Perhaps one of these will emerge as the Ryan Lochte of the Winter Olympics. Over the course of the games, you can follow the athletes at and Photos: NBC Olympics/USOC/Getty

Lolo Jones Sport: Bobsledding

Age: 31

Favorite Brand/Designer: Anthony Ryan Auld from Project Runway

Fun Facts: Jones was a hurdler in the Summer Olympics, but transitioned to bobsledding, putting on about 20 pounds of muscle in the process. She's an avid Instagram and Twitter user, and her recent butt selfie while modeling the new bobsled uniform garnered her a lot of attention.

Our Take: Lolo is hot. She just is. She'll be fun to watch both on and off the bobsled track during the Games.

Maia Shibutani

Sport: Ice Dancing

Age: 19

Favorite Brand/Designer: "When I’m not wearing workout clothes, I try to add some sophistication to my look. Since I am still a teenager, being age-appropriate and classy is important to me. I love looking at Elie Saab gowns on various award shows. I dress up my everyday wear with some Eileen Fisher pieces. I also like clothes from Lululemon, Nike, Gap and Uniqlo."

Fun Facts: She and her brother/skating partner, Alex (next slide), are known as the "Shib Sibs." If ice dancing doesn't work out for them, they could have a very robust YouTube career, because their videos are so cute.

Our Take: Maia just might be the most adorable Olympian since Gabby Douglas.

Alex Shibutani

Sport: Ice Dancing

Age: 22

Favorite Brand/Designer: Describes himself as "GQ style."

Fun Facts: Did I mention the amazing YouTube videos? This one involves a fedora.

Our Take: Alex carries himself with a lot of confidence. Also this gray-suit-with-brown-shoe combo he's wearing is very European.

Amanda Kessel

Sport:Ice Hockey

Age: 22

Favorite Brand/Designer: "My style depends on the day and my mood. I love Lululemon, Nike, Burberry, J.Crew and anything at Nordstrom."

Fun Facts: She recently tweeted: "A mouse is in my room, I am now wearing Ugg boots around the house 24/7." I support her decision.

Our Take: I love that she has icy blonde Gwyneth Paltrow hair and seems completely fearless when she plays.

Ashley Wagner

Sport: Figure Skating

Age: 22

Favorite Brand/Designer: "Joie and Ralph Lauren, and I collect Pandora charms with my twin sister, Carly."

Fun Facts: She's been incredibly outspoken against Russia's anti-gay stance, and she has continued her criticism even after arriving in Sochi. She's also a face of CoverGirl.

Our Take: She's kind of the whole package -- beauty and brains.

Bobby Brown

Sport: Freeskiing Slopestyle

Age: 22

Favorite Brand/Designer: "I keep it casual with mostly Under Armour gear, both workout and lifestyle. Although one of the best birthday gifts I received when I turned 18 was a custom suit that I got to wear to the ESPYs that year for my first nomination."

Fun Facts: The man does triple flips off of a mountain. What else do you really need to know??

Our Take: He's racking up the sponsorships (Under Armour, Skullcandy, Dakine), and we're not a bit surprised because he's pretty easy on the eyes. Also: He jumps off mountains.

Chas Guldemond

Sport: Snowboarding Slopestyle

Age: 26

Favorite Brand/Designer: "My wife has been working with me on my 'fashion' for eight years. This year, we finally did some real shopping for me. She has amazing taste."

Fun Facts: Chas recently told E! that he thinks Rihanna is hot, and his wife is totally fine with it. The couple is expecting their first child, which he wants to name Rocky.

Our Take: We are "stoked" (Chas' favorite word, at least if you read his tweets) to watch him soar through the air.

Shaun White

Sport: Snowboarding Halfpipe

Age: 27

Favorite Brand/Designer: He has a boy's line at Target and does capsule collections for Burton. He's been seen out and about wearing Burberry.

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Fun Facts: He recently chopped off all his ginger hair and doesn't want to be called the Flying Tomato anymore. (Read this fantastic New York Times profile of him.)

Our Take: Shaun White is still kind of a big deal, OK? I like the new, more mature version.

Elana Meyers

Sport: Bobsled

Age: 29

Favorite Brand/Designer: "I don’t have a favorite designer, but I love wearing and shopping for dresses. My favorite shoes are Jessica Simpson's, and I had such a blast shopping for my wedding dress recently."

Fun Facts: Her bobsled nickname is "E Money."

Our Take: She's incredibly dedicated. And I love that furry jacket she's dragging on the ground.

Gracie Gold

Sport: Figure Skating

Age: 18

Favorite Brand/Designer: "My style is colorful and fun, but always tasteful: Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Armani, Nike, Bebe, Guess, Hermes, Coach and Forever 21." (Note: Love the high-low mix, Gracie!)

Fun Facts: Pundits are predicting she may be the next Michelle Kwan. She also juggles before competition to calm her nerves and focus.

Our Take: Here's hoping she juggles during her Olympic program.

Hilary Knight

Sport: Ice Hockey

Age: 24

Favorite Brand/Designer: "I enjoy reading about fashion and trends, and I like watching fashion shows. I'm currently designing my own line of hats and I will eventually add socks, pants and underwear. And I am a huge fan of Gstar."

Fun Facts: Her Twitter feed is full of healthy food tips and cute pictures of her teammates, for whom she seems to have genuine affection.

Our Take: After looking at many pictures of Hilary, I'm going to go on record as saying I think she has the best eyebrows on Team USA.

Jamie Anderson

Sport: Snowboarding

Age: 23

Favorite Brand/Designer: "I love fashion. I am designing my own signature collection with my main sponsor, Billabong. I also love creating fun hair wraps, crochet beanies, scarfs etc. And I try to make some unique jewelry."

Fun Facts: She is a yogi and loves BB cream, according to an interview with Today.

Our Take: She's boho to the core and totally owns it.

J.R. Celski

Sport: Speed Skating

Age: 23

Favorite Brand/Designer: "My personal style includes flannel shirts, raw denim, nice shoes...simple yet detailed. My favorite clothing lines are Penfield, Lifetime Collective, A.P.C., Uniqlo and Nike."

Fun Facts: While recovering from an injury, J.R. collaborated on a documentary about the Seattle hip-hop scene and became friends with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Our Take: The new Apolo Ohno? Possibly.

Katie Uhlaender

Sport: Skeleton

Age: 29

Favorite Brand/Designer: "My style is cowboy chic -- love my Old Gringo cowboy boots and Shepler's boots."

Fun Facts: She's recovering from a concussion, but has been cleared to compete. Track and field champ Carl Lewis and skier Picabo Street are her mentors.

Our Take: She has a strong sense of her own style, and I totally admire her ballsiness. Skeleton looks absolutely terrifying.

Keri Herman

Sport: Freeskiing Slopestyle

Age: 31

Favorite Brand/Designer: "My style is girly tomboy, and I love Jiberish! And I make my own jewelry, so I always have the right piece for any outfit."

Fun Facts: She used to play hockey and didn't learn how to freeski until she was 21.

Our Take: She has Zooey Deschanel bangs and designs her own jewelry. Keri FTW!

Lindsey Jacobellis

Sport: Snowboard Cross

Age: 28

Favorite Brand/Designer: "I like designing clothes and love shoes. I'm always trying to branch out from dressing like a snowboarder or athlete. Right now, I'm helping my clothing company, CB Sports, design outerwear, too."

Fun Facts: She has the cutest dog in creation, named Gidget.

Our Take: Lindsey might have the happiest hair and smile ever.