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The Best, Most Wearable Beauty Looks from NYFW

From us to you, the coolest hair and makeup trends we saw at the shows -- all of which merit a DIY.
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For the beauty nerd, is there anything better than Fashion Week? Cancel that: Is there anything better than figuring out which looks from Fashion Week you're going to replicate on a Saturday afternoon? With makeup artists and hairstylists churning out dozens of looks, there was a lot to be inspired by.

From combovers to glossy lids and purple lips, here are the best looks we saw during New York Fashion Week, all of which merit a DIY. Onward!

Best Combovers

As we learned during Fashion Week, there are many shades to the deep side part: some pretty, some less-than-pretty, but striking nonetheless. On the safer, more accessible end of the spectrum, we have BCBG's version (far right), which keeps things easy and breezy with some lift at the roots. Then there's the slightly deeper part with flat texture -- as seen at Opening Ceremony (far left) -- which is more in the vein of Christian Bale's character in "American Hustle." But pretty. Finally, we have the granddaddy of all combovers at Alexander Wang. Its severity worked excellently with Wang's collection, but to all DIYers, we just say: handle with care.

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Best Wigs

Wigs are fun because they let hairstylists get weird. They're a dose of much-needed playfulness in a sea of "French girl" blowouts. As we saw at Creatures of Comfort, Oscar de la Renta and Nicholas K (left, second from right and far right), that means short, choppy and asymmetrical. The uneven micro-bangs at Creatures of Comfort were particularly appealing, in an art student kind of way. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs (second from left) ran in the opposite direction, outfitting his models in blunt bobs straight across.

Best Statement Lids

The beauty of some of the eyes we saw at Fashion Week is that they are, in some form or another, wholly wearable. Take the opaque, metallic lids at Tracy Reese (silver, far left) and Rodarte (brownish-purple, second from right), for instance. Both are applied all the way up to the brow bone -- which, by the way, is a great way to emphasize good arches -- but blended at the edges in such a way that makes them look not at all aggressive and very pretty. The glossy lid at DKNY (far right), meanwhile, looked gorgeous with a deep lipstick. At Altuzarra, lime green glitter eyes paired with a pretty updo and clean skin kept the look from veering into disco territory.

Best Braids

If you haven't done braids on yourself since grade school, ask yourself why not? For junior varsity braiders, the Pippi Longstocking/Wednesday Addams look at Marc by Marc Jacobs (right) is a good option; the width of each section doesn't even have to be uniform. Advanced knotters might want to attempt the winding braid that Odile Gilbert created at Creatures of the Wind (left), which twisted across the forehead before snaking around to the back of the head. Marchesa (center), meanwhile, proved that cornrows might be the best possible complement to evening gowns. Maybe ever.

Best Alt-Red

A red lip is classic. This is one of those truths, like the fact that the earth is round and pizza tastes better on the second day. But Fashion Week showed a lot of refreshing alternatives to the red-red that we know and love. As one might have predicted, a '90s look held strong, with Rebecca Minkoff and Zimmerman (middle left and right) showing dark, raisin-y reds of varying intensity. Meanwhile, Parkchoonmoo (far left) went for a glossy purple and Tadashi Shoji (far right) went for a brighter, very pretty stain that grew deeper in the center. Paired with a simple face, all of these looks are easily wearable.

Most Romantic/Appropriate for a Sunday Spent in Sweatpants

Is there anything prettier than an updo that screams, "I was just running around the moors, looking for my long lost love Heathcliff"? No. No, there is not. The difference between these undone looks is where exactly they come undone. At Marchesa (second from left), things get fuzzy and out of hand right from the hairline; Jason Wu's look (far right), on the other hand, was smoothed back all the way to the bun, at which point things get rough and messy. Meanwhile, Tadashi Shoji's interpretation of the look (far left) maintained a sense of order, even as things slipped out of its knot. This bun is the hair equivalent of a Victoria's Secret angel claiming she looks disgusting after a workout.

Then there was the situation at Marissa Webb (second from right), instantly recognizable to any woman as the thing we do to our hair when we really don't care about anyone seeing it and have no intention of washing it. Who ever said Fashion Week was all about unattainable beauty?