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There Will Be a Party Boat Water Taxi Transporting Guests to Brooklyn for Alexander Wang

Getting to Alexander Wang sounds like it will be much more fun than people anticipated.
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It's pretty amusing that Alexander Wang's decision to show in Brooklyn, a borough that, for the most part, is just as accessible as any New York City neighborhood not adjacent to the one you're currently in, has caused so much confusion and upheaval (though we will admit the Brooklyn Navy Yard venue is kind of tricky).

But if you are worried about getting to Brooklyn in time for Wang's 9 p.m. show Saturday, there's no longer any need to fret: Wang's team over at KCD has got you covered. Earlier this week, they announced a partnership with Uber through which guests can get 30 percent off their ride. Today, they sent out a list of transportation options and it sounds like the journey could wind up being just as awesome as the destination.

As was previously rumored, guests will in fact be able to travel to the show by boat -- one complimentary boat, that is, which departs South Street Seaport at 8 p.m. Given the novelty, we could definitely see a lot of fashion people choosing this option. And since Saturday tends to be the big party night of Fashion Week, that boat could get pretty rowdy -- as could the three that will be waiting to pick up guests after the show, especially since Wang's is the last collection of the evening. Hope for a spot inside though -- the weather forecast isn't great. There will also be a complimentary bus post-show that will take guests to Union Square if getting on a boat during a blizzard isn't your thing.

Which fashion personality do you think will be the first to yell, "I'm on a boat!!"? AW?

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