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These Photos of Models on Casting Calls in a Blizzard Will Make You Glad You Aren't Prettier

It's never too cold for a #selfie!
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New York Fashion Week officially begins on Thursday, and if we learned anything from the fall 2013 season's Nemo fiasco, it's that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can stop it from going down.

So, despite the seemingly never-ending blizzard conditions furiously blanketing the Big Apple today, models from all over the city strapped on their snow boots Monday and trudged to their casting calls, visions of Tulum and low cal hot chocolate dancing round their perfectly bone structured heads.

Of course, not even freezing cold temps and stinging wind chill could stop them from snapping a few selfies. Scroll through the photos below from the warmth and comfort of your own home or office, and be grateful for once that you weren't born with model-good-looks. #blessed.

Teresa Moore

"Brrrrr !! #castings in the #snow in #nyc"

Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds

Pauline Hoarau and Devon Windsor

"Just your everyday 15 castings in a blizzard..... ❄️oh and a big happy birthday to my frenchie" - DW

Nikola Anderson

"A wee bit chilly this morning! #snowday #castings #fittings #nyfw #frozen #hotchocolateplz"

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Daiane Conterato

"Friozinho básico por aqui né @katiaselinger?? (Pretty chilly here right @katiaselinger??)"

Laura OGrady

"Fashion week castings in the snow #wonderful"

"I've just been dipped in sherbet #nyc #snowday"

Valery Kaufman

"Russians know how to deal with blizzard #snowsurvival"

Catherine McNeil

Robyn Williamson

"This is what I am walking through to get to castings today! #nyc #winterwonderland #snowstorm #mondaymorning"

Chris Hernandez

"Out here working hard going on castings for [NYFW] even in snow storms!! Who gon' stop me, now who gon' stop me huh?"

Dana Taylor

"Let it snow!! Wish me luck walking to all my castings in this snow!!!"

Hana Jirickova

"Playtime #snow #fight #nyc #modellife #nyfw #brooklyn"

And finally, here is Marc Jacobs' dog Neville (right, with his friend Charlie) demonstrating the chic way to do outerwear in inclement weather.