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Topshop to Live-stream Fashion Week Show in 3D at Flagship Store

Five shoppers at a time will be able to watch a panoramic live-stream (or later, a replay) of Topshop's Unique show.

It's no longer only Burberry that gives us (that is, people interested in fashion marketing) something to look forward to every London Fashion Week -- Topshop does, too. Following last season's experiment with the app Chirp, the high street retailer is introducing a "3D" virtual reality runway experience at its flagship store at Oxford Circus in London, where shoppers can watch a live-stream (or for two days afterward, a replay) of Topshop's autumn/winter 2014 show for its in-house collection, Unique.

Topshop has set up a display in its windows featuring two screens and a row of seats (see above). From February 16 to 18, in-store personnel will hand shoppers -- just five at a time -- headsets, which they can use to have a panoramic experience of the show -- not just on the runway, but also the arrivals area and backstage.

Some may recall that Burberry live-streamed its runway show in 3D from five cities -- New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Los Angeles -- back in 2010. The experience, however, was quite different: First, Burberry used a holographic display, which made the video before viewers only slightly three dimensional, while Topshop is promising a more immersive, 180-degree experience. That Topshop has created this experience for customers, while Burberry's screenings were private, also underlines just how much more of a consumer marketing event fashion week has become over the past four years.

For more of an overview, check out the promotional video below.

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