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The 7 Bloggers Tumblr Is Sending to Fashion Week

For the seventh season running, Tumblr is sending a group of bloggers -- seven this time -- to cover New York Fashion Week, which kicks off officially on Thursday.

For the seventh season running, Tumblr is sending a group of bloggers -- seven this time -- to cover New York Fashion Week, which kicks off officially on Thursday.

All seven are first-time participants in the program, which will secure them invites to shows, parties and to more exclusive opportunities -- in the past, that has included dinners and backstage time with various designers -- to be used as material for their blogs. All of the bloggers are based in the NYC metro area, and most have not been to fashion week before, a spokesperson for Tumblr says.

Tumblr's fashion week program originally started in February 2011 -- a Herculean effort that included 20 bloggers, many flown from outside of New York and put up in hotels at Tumblr's expense. The program provided a lot of visibility to that original class of bloggers, which included Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, who not long after published a book based on her blog; John Jannuzzi, recently named senior digital editor at GQ; and Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of cinemagraph fame, who have since that time landed notable campaigns with the likes of Tiffany & Co. and the Lincoln Motor Co.

Tumblr's program took a stumble the next season when the blogging platform demanded what were perceived as ridiculous sums to host the bloggers at a party or advertise on their blogs. Tumblr's then-fashion director left the company shortly thereafter.

Today, under Tumblr fashion evangelist Valentine Uhovski, the program is much more modest -- usually around six bloggers per season, all locals -- and therefore more intimate and manageable. The focus, too, is now on giving access to more emerging bloggers, rather than the platform's more established contributors, who are able to facilitate their own access these days. The hope is that every new class will establish relationships that will lead to further collaborations after fashion week has ended.

Without further ado, the seven bloggers Tumblr is sending to fashion week.

1. Chantal Adair, NYC Street File

Chantal Adair's blog is almost entirely free of words -- and that's because the pictures do all the talking. The street style photographer is fond of capturing models and street style stars like Anna Dello Russo, often persuading them to jump in front of her lens.

2. Matthias Brown, Trace Loops

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Matthias Brown, an animator, has developed a unique style through his use of rotoscoping: the practice of tracing over a film sequence frame by frame to create a hand-drawn, animated replica (Matthias' are stylized and often manipulated). We're looking forward to seeing what he does with runway footage.

3. Micaiah Carter, Micaiah Carter

Micaiah Carter, a Parsons-trained photographer, has a keen interest in fashion: That much is apparent on his Tumblr and Instagram, which features a mix of editorials (many shot on the street) and portraiture of male and female subjects, all interestingly dressed.

4. Sam Cannon, Sam Cannon

Sam Cannon, a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, is a portraitist as well as a GIF artist -- the latter of which features most prominently on her blog. Like Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, she tends to create looping animations where only one part of an image is animated, like the example above.

5. and 6. Rachel Effendy & Nicole Effendy, Rachel et Nicole

A quick glance at their Tumblr, and it's clear that sister duo Rachel and Nicole Effendy are more than your average style blogger -- thanks to their colorful choice of sets and poses, the photos they take of each other have the feel of real fashion editorials, with beautiful results.

7. Chris Fenimore, Christopher Fenimore

Brooklyn-based photographer Chris Fenimore is a devoted chronicler of fashionable men out and about in New York. We can get a sense of what he'll produce this fashion week from last season's photos.