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Watch Kate Moss Channel David Bowie (Again) at the Brit Awards

The model rocked the hell out of the musician's Ziggy Stardust-era, bunny-adorned romper.
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Kate Moss got yet another chance to channel iconic musician David Bowie, though this time it was live -- as opposed to in a magazine shoot -- on Wednesday night at the Brit Awards.

Bowie was named Britain's Best Male Solo Artist, making him the oldest winner of a Brit Award in history, and since he's a bit too cool to show up and accept the award himself, he sent "his representative on Earth," as presenter Noel Gallagher put it, who was none other than Moss, to accept the award on his behalf.

And Moss nailed the acceptance speech, which Bowie wrote. Not only are we obsessed with hearing Kate Moss talk (it's so rare!), but it's even better when what she's saying is about moon-habitating rabbits.

Bowie explained Moss' outfit on his Facebook page, writing that it was a vintage "Woodland Creatures" jumpsuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto, which Bowie first wore when he performed as Ziggy Stardust at London's Rainbow Theater in 1972. During the speech, Bowie (through Moss) cooly said more: "In Japanese myth, the rabbits on my old costume, that Kate's wearing, live on the moon," she read. "Kate comes from Venus, and I from Mars. So that's nice."

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Watch above to hear Moss deliver the full speech, all while rocking the hell out of that bunny-adorned romper.