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What Happens When Clover Canyon Adds Layering to Its Dizzying Prints

It's a lot.
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It’s only appropriate that the designer of LA-based label Clover Canyon would look to a locale in a cooler climate to inform her Fall/Winter offering. Rozae Nichols dubbed this collection “Celtic Enchantment,” and the Irish influences were quite apparent indeed.

If all the plaid didn’t clue you in to this season’s theme, the sounds of ‘90s Irish rock band The Cranberries playing in the background at Wednesday's presentation helped. And, there was a lot of plaid: patchworked onto ankle-skimming trousers, set against black-and-white houndstooth, warped onto the brand’s famed neoprene dresses and cutting up images of the country’s rolling green hills. Digitally printed images of stone-cut details on cathedrals mingled with crests of bucking steeds and portraits of Irish matriarchs on pleat-shouldered dresses.

Unfortunately for Nichols, layering is necessary for cold weather dressing, and this collection had a lot of that —- perhaps a little too much at times. For example, printed lace-trimmed pants peeking out from underneat midi pencil skirts looked a bit too cluttered. And clutter is something you want to avoid when so much of your aesthetic relies on dizzying prints. Still, there were instances where the layering actually worked quite well. The long, printed “Oscar Wilde” robes looked pretty cozy over dresses and separates.

Besides that, this collection is sure to do well with Canyon’s fans, and the starlets that love their body-hugging neoprene creations.

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