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How Dannijo Came Up with the Idea to do Boxing Ballerinas

Dannijo's fall presentation certainly got people Instagramming.
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Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel, the duo behind Dannijo, make fun, statement-making but not obnoxious jewelry that a lot of people want to wear. We all know this. However, their fashion week presentations aren't really about that. They tend to stage pretty elaborate to-dos, which, while enjoyable to watch and great for mingling, don't always offer a lot of opportunities to actually look at the jewelry. Thursday night's affair took the cake. The collection, titled "Boxerina," saw the designers enlisting the help of ballet dancers from the American Ballet Theatre. The ongoing live performance took place in front of, and sometimes in, a large boxing ring set up under an installation of hanging point shoes.

A lot of times, when ballet dancers are hired on as a novelty, they're not actually good, but these ladies were, as was the choreography by ABT company member Nicola Curry. The whole thing was just awesome.

So where did this idea stem from? We expected the girls to say they were former ballerinas, but no: Danielle said she and Jodie had recently gotten into boxing (which is pretty amusing, as they're two of the tiniest girls I've ever seen), and, around the same time, went to the American Ballet Theatre opening gala. "We've always loved this idea of combining two opposing forces that seemingly have nothing to do with one another, and we wanted to find a way to bring the collection to life," Danielle explained. "It sort of popped in our head, the idea of 'Boxerina' -- combining the tough and rough elements of boxing and the beautiful, softer elements of ballet." They even did their homework, interviewing sports photographer Neil Leifer about the relationship between boxing and ballet; snippets from their conversation played throughout the presentation.

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So while most of us probably didn't get a very good look at the actual jewelry, the presentation was total social media bait of the photo and video variety (what did you expect from the designers practically responsible for #armparty hashtag?). There are no less than 430 posts with the hashtag #boxerina on Instagram right now, which, these days, is as good a way as any to measure #NYFW success.

Photos: BFA