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Will.u.wear's New Eyewear Line, ill.i Optics?

We promise that's not just a bunch of crazy coding.
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Admittedly, the last time I really cared about what was doing was when he was rumored to be helping Brit pop artist Cheryl Cole crack the U.S. music scene (and I'm still upset that hasn't happened, FYI).

But this morning, a press release hit Fashionista inboxes about an eyewear line by the erstwhile Black Eyed Pea. He's collaborating on a collection of both sunglasses and optical lenses with friend and designer George Gorrow. It's going to be called ill.i Optics.

That had be scratching my head a bit -- ill.i is just the middle part of's name. And then, I got it.


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Ill. Eye.

Get it?! As in, cool eye! Plus the website is which is what Yoda would say if he did, in fact, feel ill.

What will the glasses look like? Well, a line from the release says it better than perhaps we ever could: "The frames draw inspiration from memorable moments in’s early career and eyewear influences including 1980s hip hop pioneers -- expressed in contemporary design, unique technical details and future thinking which shapes the world."

ill.i Optics will be available starting this September.