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Zac Posen Releases a Musical Version of His Lookbook on Spotify

It's like being in his head, or at least his studio.

Whether it's Marc Jacobs sharing protein bars with his design team in the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary or Grace Coddington talking about Anna "killing" her shoot in The September Issue, there's something so magical about watching your favorite creatives in action. Zac Posen is the latest to give his fans a peek into his process, by teaming up with Spotify to integrate music into his ZAC Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook.

If you head over to Posen's Spotify profile, you'll find a series of two- or three-song playlists that coordinate with each look in the collection — those are the songs Posen was feeling while designing each look. The looks are displayed next to the playlist where the cover art of an album typically sits, and they link out to a larger Instagram photo if you want a closer look.

Apparently Posen is quite the music fan, and always has a playlist running in the studio. The songs are a mishmash of Ke$ha, Liza Minelli, Vivaldi, Genevieve Waite and Barbra Streisand, which makes sense given that the collection blends Posen's typically dramatic, feminine aesthetic with a darker, downtown vibe. Not that Ke$ha is particularly gritty, but, you know, this is Zac Posen.

This is the first time Spotify has worked with a designer in this capacity, and according to Posen's rep, it won't be a one-off promotion for the designer: Zac Posen's new eyewear line and Truly Zac Posen for David's Bridal will also be going up on the music platform.

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