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The Top 6 Most Awesomely Ugly-Chic Things from Acne Fall 2014

The Swedish brand has built its reputation around a certain kind of left-of-center cool, where nothing seems to fit right and the colors are sometimes just plain odd. We saw plenty of pieces here that are sure to be a hit among among those who worship the label's weirdness.

Acne is ugly, this we know. Now, it's hard to make a statement like that and then backpedal with the old, "But not in a bad way!" disclaimer, but, truly, we don't mean any disrespect here. The Swedish brand has built its reputation around a certain kind of left-of-center cool, where nothing seems to fit right and the colors are sometimes just plain odd. But we have a feeling creative director Johnny Johansson wouldn't have it any other way.

For fall, things looked, thankfully, just as off as always. Johansson had this to say in the show notes: "Crisp moments on the beach as autumn comes to an end wrap up this collection in a layered, comfortable manner." It's true, this was one of Acne's softest outings yet -- downright cuddly, considering the reference point. But that doesn't mean it was conventionally pretty. We saw plenty of pieces that are sure to be a hit among those who worship the label's weirdness. Herewith, the top six ugly-chic things from the collection.

1. The shoes. Let's start with the obvious here. With the exception of the Pistol boot and maybe a few other styles, Acne footwear generally trades in chunky, lug-soled hideousness...that's also kind of fabulous. This season, there were clown-like, square-toe oxfords that came in all sorts of colors, including blush, taupe, pale blue and, of course, black. It's the white treaded bottoms that really add that extra dose of "ugh" and "ooh." We distinctly remember a similar pair from fall becoming more than a few editors' must-haves.

2. Those blanket wraps. All things blanket have been big this season -- coats, shawls, just about anything that will aid you in taking an impromptu nap, wherever, whenever. But these looked like folded throws that were haphazardly pinned around the body at any old spot. The models kind of appeared like walking burritos. That said, it was a clever way to add another element of "interest" to a look in the form of a swirly wave-like pattern done up in pink and sand, as well as a blue-and-white tweed. It's the layer we never knew we needed.

3. The utilitarian pocketing situation. We saw some workwear influences the stiff, button-up front-pocketed shirts, dresses and pants. Either that, or nurse uniforms, we can't quite nail it down. They also looked a little '70s with those pronounced flaps, and came in a peachy blush, faded orange and cornflower blue. Boxy as all get-out with elongated sleeves, these read: "I'm not interested in being sexy, and therefore I am plenty sexy."

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4. An oversized anorak in a psychedelic print that mixed olive green, white, navy and sky blue. There's not much to say about this one except that, inexplicably, the longer you look at it, the more you start fantasizing about wearing it.

5. A few really huge metal disc necklaces. Johansson is probably referencing some really cool, super conceptual artist from the '60s or '70s here, but we just see major chokers that can't even be called chokers because they sit at the breastbone. They looked very sleek and space age-y in a way that recalls what mid-century costume designers imagined people would be wearing in the future.

6. Those large sculpted beanies. Seemingly made for giants, these oversized hats were so big that they concealed the models' eyes. They had cute little pom-poms on top and were, like, art beanies. There's no other way to describe them. We really want to touch them to see if there's any molding that's keeping the shape or if it's just extremely thick wool. Either way, nice...hat trick!

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