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Americans Want These 5 Fashion Trends to Die

Sorry for the plumber's crack, but it's related, we promise.
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Working in the fashion industry, it's easy to forget that the border of America doesn't end at the Hudson and East Rivers (that's Manhattan, duh): There's a whole entire country full of people who buy clothes! Hundreds of thousands of miles worth of them! People you may have encountered that one time you had to go to Times Square!

Thankfully, the tireless pollsters at 60 Minutes teamed up with Vanity Fair to get a gauge on America's fashion pulse -- and the results might not surprise you.

The number one "trend" which has to go, garnering 64 percent of the vote in this poll, is low-waisted jeans. (Sounds like the rest of America is ready to embrace mom jeans.) Fake glasses take second place with a very-distant 8 percent. The top five is rounded out by Uggs, harem pants (Justin Bieber is having a very rough week indeed) and clogs with 5 percent each.

At a time when the fashion industry is parsing out trends like "robe coats" and "patchwork fur," it's an interesting reminder that the rest of the country is totally ignorant of whatever we're proclaiming to be the next great trends. And while we in our Prada-clad ivory tower might quake in our fresh-off-the-runway Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton booties at the idea of being judged by Anna Wintour, just 7 percent of Americans fear the Vogue editor in chief.

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So whose judgement do they fear? At a whopping 27 percent, none other than Joan Rivers of E!'s Fashion Police takes the cake for most intimidating fashion figure.

#America, am I right?

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