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This Video of Shirtless Male Models With Kittens Is More Amusing Than It Sounds

(P.S. Hi American flag bandana guy... Call me.)
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It's only Tuesday (I know, I know, sorry for reminding you) but the ladies at Cosmopolitan -- who seem to be on a permanent mission to break the Interwebs -- have just gifted the world with a little something that might make your weekend feel just that much closer.

Enter "Cats + Abs," which is exactly what it sounds like: Two minutes and 30 glorious seconds of hot shirtless guys playing with kittens while rapping a Grammy Award-worthy ditty about Fancy Feast, chests, abs and obliques. The best part? All three kitties are currently adoptable through the Humane Society -- as in, you can totally stop by and take one home with you tonight! The men, on the other hand...

(P.S. Hi, American flag bandana guy! Call me.)

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