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Chanel's Grocery Store Was Looted After the Show

Listen, I would do the exact same thing.

The first thing I thought about when I saw the Chanel supermarket set all over Instagram this morning was, "Does the audience get to take that stuff home?"

I'm not too proud to admit this: I'm at a point in my life where free, quirky home decor is where it's at. I'm still so sad I didn't get one of those wacky Mulberry gnomes from a few seasons back (if anyone has an extra, I'm happy to give him a good home).

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So a Chanel broom? A "Mademoiselle Prive" doormat? Um, you bet your ass I'd be climbing over Anna Wintour to get to one of those.

As it would turn out, so would the attendees of Tuesday's show. In the Instagram video below, you can see people going nutso for the stuff -- I'm not sure they'd behave more savagely if actual Chanel bags were up for grabs.

And hey, I don't blame them. Not only is it a cool souvenir, when your friend asks where you got your doormat, you can casually say, "Oh, this old thing? Picked it up at the Chanel show."

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