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Lauren's Utterly Soft, Have-Them-Forever Scalloped Ballet Flats

Plus, their official product name is "Lauren leather ballet flats," so they were basically made for me.

After going on a fast fashion and cheap sneaker binge during Fashion Month -- most of which, in a return to clarity, I've taken back (but not this coat!) -- I'm back to thinking about how I can best spend my spring wardrobe budget on classics that I'll cherish not just this season, but for many seasons to come.

Enter Chloe's scalloped leather ballet flats. I'd seen them around for years and thought a scalloped edge would be a little too prim, but on a trip to Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach this weekend, finally decided to try on a navy pair -- mostly because the floor sample happened to be my size. I was pleasantly surprised at how smart they looked with cropped pants, and how classic (rather than ultra-feminine) the scalloped edges made them appear.

But more importantly, these are the most comfortable flats I have ever put on -- as a passing sales associate noted, "They feel like butter." They're well made, the kind of shoe I'll wear and re-sole and have forever.

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Plus, they're named "Lauren leather ballet flats," so they were basically made for me.

Chloe leather ballet flats, $475, available at Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter.

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