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Sorry, Cat Lovers: Dog People Are Having Their Day in Fashion

Wear your love for pups on your sleeve this season. Literally.

What I'm about to say is considered blasphemy within the Fashionista offices, but here it goes: I really don't like cats. At all. Not that I don't think kittens are adorable and cuddly, but I am extremely allergic, and even hugging someone who has handled a cat recently will cause me to break out in serious hives.

So, you can imagine my discontent when "cat fashion" became a thing. From the Miu Miu spring 2010 cat prints to Charlotte Olympia's popular kitten flats to Harley Viera-Newton's cat-centric holiday collaboration with Diane von Furstenberg, cats have been all the rage for seasons running. But happily, it looks like the dog lovers who've been feeling left out for all of this time are finally about to get their day.

When Givenchy first introduced its Rottweiler sweater in the fall 2011 mens collection, we were hoping that more canine-friendly fashion would follow. It took a couple of seasons, but now other labels are proclaiming their puppy love.

Last September, one of the most talked-about pieces to come out of New York Fashion Week was Ostwald Helgason's slightly naughty sweater that featured two balloon dogs doin' it doggy style. Similarly, the most talked-about models in New York were the perfectly coiffed Afghan Hounds that came down the runway at Jen Kao's spring 2014 show.

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More recently, Parisian label Calla's fall 2014 collection was dedicated to the designer's dog, a Chow Chow named Lily, and silhouettes of the fluffy pup appeared on everything from button down shirts to varsity jackets. New London-based label Être Cécile -- whose motto "presque parisenne" means "almost French" -- has a French Bulldog as its mascot, which is emblazoned on many of its cheeky tees.

Finally, in her fall 2014 lookbook, designer and recent CFDA Incubator inductee Kaelen Haworth shot a Frenchie along with the collection's romantic separates (see above). Sorry, cat lovers: Evidence suggests that your feline friends might not be the industry's pet of choice for much longer.

If you're a dog person like I am and are more than ready to embrace this budding trend, shop my picks below of the best pieces to show off your canine pride.