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Eliza's Black and (Rose) Gold Watch

Because nearly dropping your phone ten times a day while trying to check the time just doesn't make sense.
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Maybe it's the forthcoming end of the world, or perhaps it's just daily running around New York, but in the last few weeks I've acquired a newfound appreciation for clothing and accessories that are completely utilitarian. My spring wish list has been filling up with bags with pockets for everything, sneakers meant for pounding the pavement and, surprisingly, a watch.

I say "surprisingly" because I haven't worn one since I was a wee twelve year old in a colorful Swatch. But nearly (and actually) dropping my phone onto a hard subway platform or the sidewalk while trying to check the time gets old, and besides, the end of the world isn't going to be great for charging a 5S.

Enter this Michael Kors watch (another surprise: I'm pretty much the opposite of a Kors girl). It's all black with rose gold accents -- looking at it feels like you're looking at the dashboard of a very fancy car at night. Similarly, the big face mixed with the metal walks the masculine/feminine line nicely.

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Michael Kors Watch, $195, available at Watch Station.

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