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Eliza's Comfy Silk Shorts

Monkey print shorts appropriate for every occasion.
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Let's not talk about the fact that we're due in for another snowstorm this weekend. Let's talk about spring and the opportunities it will afford us to see our own legs again.

These Piamita shorts are a mix of what I consider to be the two best kinds of shorts out there: Sleepwear and those shiny Adidas ones that everyone used to wear to soccer practice back in the day. They're silky and lightweight. They have pockets, which you think would be standard among women's shorts, but no. They have an elastic waistband.

Tuck in a slouchy silk top, add some oxfords and call it office attire. Or lounge around in them on a Sunday before heading out to brunch. Do you know how difficult it is to find a tasteful monkey print? At $265 they're spendy, but if you like your pants fancy, these are the way to go.

Piamita Bettie Shorts, $265, available at Kirna Zabete.

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