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Eliza's Grown-Up T-Shirt Dress

This is how a girl who lives in t-shirts does dresses.

With its conservative top and short hemline, you might describe this little striped number from Topshop as 'Business on the top, party on the bottom.' I'm always on the hunt for dresses that transition from day to night, and this one certainly fits the bill. And I love any dress that works just as well with sneakers as it does with flats or heels.

The main appeal is that this dress sits somewhere between being a t-shirt dress and being something, well, dressier. At first pass, those wide, long sleeves have more in common with the men's t-shirts I live in when the weather gets warm than with the other dresses in my closet. But then you look a second more and notice how structured it is, the little scoop of its hem; you notice the stripes' change of direction at the hip. It's the details make an item a winner, and this one is just that.

Stripe Satin Dress, $140, available (by waitlist now that Beyonce has worn it) at Nordstrom.

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