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Here's Equinox's First Post-Terry Richardson Campaign

The high-end fitness club trades scantily-clad models for sweaty athletes this season.

Even if you're not a member of the high-end fitness club Equinox, you're probably familiar with its most recent ad campaigns.

For the last three years, Terry Richardson has shot sexed-up, body-baring images for the gym, and aside from the models showing off their extremely toned physiques, the ads didn't have much to do with athleticism or actual exercise. As with many of the things Richardson does, these ads faced a bit of controversy -- some thought the photos were a bit too provocative to be blown up and posted in public spaces -- and in late 2013, Equinox publicly announced that it would no longer be working with the photographer and would be heading in a sportier direction this year.

Now, the new Equinox ads have arrived, and they are a complete 180 from Richardson's sexy campaigns. Shot by London-based photographer Laurie Bartley, the fitness brand put a new focus on intense training, making the models look much less glamorous and a lot sweatier. Plus, the men and women featured in the images look like athletes, which is inspiring for anyone looking to join a new gym and start taking fitness more seriously. While seeing toned girls in their underwear is decent motivation to get hot for summer, these new campaigns make us want to get healthy -- which is probably a better end goal, anyway.

Are you liking Equinox's new direction?

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UPDATE: Equinox has let us know that these images are not from its upcoming ad campaign, which was shot by Robert Wyatt. It's a separate personal training campaign.