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5 Runway Beauty Trends to Try Now

Fashion Month gave us a lot to think about in the beauty department -- and test out.
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Fashion Month has come and gone, and it's given us a lot to chew on -- and more importantly, test out. While you may not be able to snatch the torn-up Chanel turtleneck Cara Delevingne opened the show in, you probably can afford a neon liquid eyeliner to replicate her makeup look. Such is the beauty of, well, beauty.

You've seen our top beauty picks from New York Fashion Week, and the European shows did not disappoint. Here, the top five trends we saw in London, Milan and Paris.

Baby Got Bend You know those times when you blow out your hair and then put it up in a ponytail, only to find a big old kink running through it later? Good news: Fashion Month has deemed that look not only okay but runway-worthy. We saw a lot of healthy-looking locks throughout fashion week that were given an extra touch of movement with slight bends placed throughout. Some were more defined than others -- compare the look at Carven (far left) to that at Chloe (far right). Is there anything better than a hairstyle achievable by accident?

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Best Eye Banana Backstage at Altuzarra, Tom Pecheux dubbed the pink arc he traced over a few of the models' eyelids a "banana" shape. Behold, the bunch of bananas that was Fashion Month. Whether glittery and colorful at Dior or softened and matched with a silvery lower lash at Emporio Armani, thick lines tracing the eye socket from inner to outer corners popped up again and again.

Wild Thang Blowouts are overrated. Pulled out of the face and full of texture, the manes at Guy Laroche, Chanel and Mark Fast hit a warrior princess note. Whether pulled back with a bit of gel or braided back, these looks were endlessly cool and casual. Chanel's massive, tweedy, crimped ponytails were a bit more high-maintenance but still had a rawness that fits into this beauty clan.

Morning After Linda Evangelista may have slept in her makeup to achieve a properly sooty look the next day, but anyone who has pulled an overnighter in the same mascara and eyeliner knows that the results can range from sexpot to raccoon. It's hard to predict which direction it will go. During Fashion Month, we saw a number of iterations on the morning-after look. Tom Ford gave us an idealized version, while Vionnet presented an abstracted mascara run. Topshop Unique nailed the eyeliner migration from top lid to bottom (how does that always happen?). Perhaps the most accurate version came from Henry Holland, pairing an allover gray smudge with a slightly shiny face. Delightful.

Conjunctivitis Chic The eternal question: How do you make a pink shadow look good and not as though you have an eye infection? Perhaps the answer lies in a softly blended neon like we saw at Jonathan Saunders, or maybe it's about carrying it up to the brow a la Julien Macdonald. Ashish surrendered to a princessy look and went full-on Disney. Probably the most wearable version came from Chanel, at which some of the models rocked a subtle raver look with a slight tick of neon color on top of a gray eye. Is that the best route? There's only one way to find out.