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'Girls' Fashion Recap: Bad Eyeliner and Segmented Ponytails

At long last, the divisive third season of "Girls" has come to an end.
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At long last, the divisive third season of "Girls" has come to an end. Whether it was brilliant, awful, or should have been a series finale, is not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about eyeliner, segmented ponytails and the symbolism of Marnie's and Clementine's green dresses.

Click through for our last "Girls" fashion recap of the season.

Caroline Returns and Hannah Goes Green After a several episode-long absence from Hannah's life, Adam's sister Caroline is back, and as it turns out, they've all been under the same roof the whole time. Her outfit, which appears to be a Victorian-era nightgown, is as batshit as anything she's worn. But it also has an easy, Jessa vibe in its loose, long fit and inappropriate sheerness. Maybe pregnancy has mellowed her out.

As for Hannah, for some reason, we're not entirely against the Boogie Nights-esque halter top here. We could actually see those experiencing a comeback soon. However, the ill-fitting, sort-of matching high-waisted pleated green pants are not okay.

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Shoshanna Is a Mess Poor Shosh. Ms. Shapiro hasn't been doing a great job of keeping it together this season, and that culminated in her finding out that she wasn't going to graduate from NYU on time. However, without even knowing that, the disastrous state of her life can be inferred from her discombobulated outfit: Polka dot leggings, a weird muscle tank with a cheetah on it, sneakers and a segmented ponytail. We've all been there, Shosh. At least we know she has a substantial supply of lime green ponytail holders.

Hannah's Eye Makeup Disaster Not unlike her coworker-inflicted eyebrow mishap, Hannah's attempt at a bold cat eye is relatable, aside from the fact that Hannah seems pleased with how it looks. It's also consistent with the character's tendency to DIY things she sees in magazines, like her haircut at the end of season two. Kudos for trying something new, we suppose.

It's Not Easy Being Green There was a lot of green in this episode: Hannah's outfit in the opening scene, in Shoshanna's segmented ponytail, and then Marnie and Clementine both wore green dresses to the opening of "Major Barbara." Which obviously HAS to mean SOMETHING. With Marnie and Clementine, we imagine the color is meant to symbolize envy, since each girl is clearly envious of the other's relationship with Desi. In Hannah's case, the green may have symbolized a need for change or rebirth, since she's wearing it when she finds out she got into grad school. Or maybe it was just her affinity for colors that resemble mold.

Adam Cleans Up Nice If this episode was about transformations, Adam made the biggest one -- sartorially, at least. We did not expect him to come out of his dressing room wearing a totally dapper, perfectly tailored black suit, paired brilliantly with a skinny tie. Seriously, is that Saint Laurent? Adam is fancy.