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'Girls' Fashion Recap: Marnie Tries to Be Cool and Jenna Lyons Wears More J.Crew

Fortunately, there were no disguises during this week's episode of "Girls." Each character was very much herself -- maybe even to a fault.
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Fortunately, there were no disguises during this week's episode of "Girls." Each character was very much herself -- maybe even to a fault. Shoshanna's side bun was bigger than ever and Hannah wore a dress covered in birds to interview Patti Lupone.

More ruminations on the clothing in last night's episode below.

Hannah 'Goes For a Walk' We get that Hannah wasn't technically going anywhere in this outfit, just "for a walk," she claims. But I feel like you'd have to actively try to create an outfit this clashing. There's also something about the pajama + purple hoodie + flip flops combo that feels like it belongs in a college dorm cafeteria. The bag is sort of cute though? Also, Ray is the most nondescript dresser of all time.

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Soojin Does Overalls Of course Soojin, my favorite character, has a pair of floral overalls that she pairs with a lime green bandeau bra. While we wouldn't have paired them with those bright red flats, we have to admit she pulls them off.

Jessa's Crazy Dress That Shouldn't Work But Does Jessa gets the award for unpredictability when it comes to wardrobe decisions. We couldn't have predicted she'd wear this vintage-looking, bra-revealing floor-length dress with ruffles and a slit, which looks amazingly nonchalant on her, for job interviews. But she did. And it worked!

Hannah and Elijah Dress Up This visit to Patti Lupone's house was the first time, that we can remember, that Hannah has worn lipstick. And she looks pretty great, though we wish she'd gone with something a little more tasteful and understated than her put-a-bird-on-it dress. Elijah, who seems to be restoring the co-dependent relationship he and Hannah used to have, certainly cleans up nicely as well.

Shosh Rocks a Side Bun We'd better be due for a Shosh-centric episode soon. Lately, her main contributions to the show have been in the form of ridiculous hair styles. This time, it was a side bun so big it had to have thrown off her center of gravity at least a little bit.

Marnie Tries to Be Cool Marnie always dresses very deliberately, including when she's trying to look like a hipster folk singer. A black bra probably would have worked better than a purple one, and the cut-off tee was a little try-hard, but overall she didn't look bad, perhaps because she's one of few girls skinny enough to pull off a muscle tee. We also liked her hair -- the Jessa-esque tiny braid and loose, messy waves suit her well. It was also interesting how similar her look was to that of Clementine, Desi's elusive girlfriend. Coincidence? We think not.

Jenna Lyons as Jenna Lyons Because everyone just deserves another opportunity to experience Jenna Lyons's subtle perfection.