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'Girls' Fashion Recap: Was Hannah's Cherry Dress Awful or Awesome?

We're very torn about it.
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We muted half an hour of the Oscars to catch last night's Hannah-centric "Girls" episode, which sadly didn't give us a lot to talk about fashion-wise. We did have a lot of thoughts about that cherry-printed dress, though. Oh, and we're pretty sure Desi has officially become the best dressed character on the show.

Read on for our recap.

Hannah's Busy, Retro Blouse

Hannah spent much of the episode in a printed Peter Pan collar blouse that was very Hannah Horvath season three, as she's been favoring retro, '60s silhouettes lately to go along with her short hair. It was also very Hannah because the colors are kind of terrible. But, hey, it's not the worst she's ever looked.

Desi's Cool Guy Uniform

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As ridiculous as last week's Gramercy Hotel serenade was, Desi is quickly becoming our favorite "Girls" character. And his brief appearance in last night's episode confirmed he may also be the best dressed (aside from Jenna Lyons). Somehow, his denim shirt and jeans uniform reads as totally authentic and cool, especially when paired with his leather jacket and motorcycle helmet. Swoon.

Rebecca's Weird Dress-Over-Shirt Situation

Ignoring Rebecca's off-putting personality, we don't understand what she was going for here. Putting a jersey tank dress over a white button-down is not a look anyone should attempt. It's just puzzling.

The Cherry Dress

We definitely had a strong reaction when Hannah stepped out in this cherry-covered, form-fitting pencil dress with a back cut-out and bow (from Anthropologie), but we weren't sure if it was negative or positive. Did we hate the dress or did we hate the dress on her? I'm pretty sure we were supposed to have a negative reaction to the dress, or at least to Hannah's decision to wear it to a bar in suburbia, but I kind of like it? Am I crazy?

Also, kudos to stylist Jenn Rogien for nailing Mrs. Horvath's kooky mom look.