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Iris van Herpen Had the Craziest Set (and Shoes) of Fashion Month

Three words: shrink-wrapped models.

We've seen our fair share of crazy sets during Fashion Month, from walls bleeding chocolate to a spinning platform in a Brooklyn greenhouse to a Chanel-branded supermarket, but none of them quite compared to what transpired at the Iris van Herpen show in Paris on Tuesday.

The Dutch designer, known for her elaborate 3d-printed designs and for outfitting Lady Gaga, called upon artist Lawrence Malstaf to create an installation on the runway, placing fully dressed models Iekeliene Stange and Soo Joo Park in giant plastic bags, shrink-wrapping them so that they looked like floating (and fashionable) embryos. They were given oxygen through a tube. In most photos we've seen of the show, they also look terrified, adding to the creepiness of it all.

Another dramatic element of the show was the wild footwear: Recalling the impossible-to-walk-in armadillo shoes from Alexander McQueen's sea creature-inspired spring 2010 collection, models wore heel-less shoes with shin guard-like shafts that wrapped around the back of their knees (see below). According to a rep for United Nude, with whom the shoes are a collaboration, the shoes were created through a 3D printing collaboration with Julia Koerner, and have a seven-inch platform. We're not sure whose jobs were more difficult: The models hanging out in the Ziplocs or those who had to come down the runway wearing these shoes.

The collection itself was beautiful -- futuristic and feminine with plenty of interesting shapes, fabrics and textures -- but some critics noted that it was tough to focus on the clothes with the distracting set.

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