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James Franco's Double Numéro Covers Are the Most Awkward of the Season

We can always count on Franco for a little comic relief.

We can always count on James Franco for a bit of comic relief, even in the notoriously serious fashion world. The actor slash filmmaker slash author has modeled for the industry's leading men's magazines -- VMan, Vogue Hommes International and GQ -- and his lighthearted approach to his high fashion gigs is refreshing. He's filmed a Kanye West parody video, made out with his own reflection for the New York Times Magazine and posed in drag for Terry Richardson, and now he's getting down with nature for Numéro Homme's spring 2014 issue.

Franco was honored with two covers for the magazine, and they're the most awkward we've seen in a long while. One shows the actor channeling his innermost horticulturist, posing with a plant in a silk floral shirt, and in the other, Franco appears to be playing a domestic rabbit enthusiast, holding a bunny while dressed in a standard gray suit. We're not sure what these photos (shot by Catherine Opie) mean to convey about the season's top trends, but hey, they're good for a smile.

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